7 Actions of Sustained Success


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Before we get into these 7 actions, we need to consider what a sustained successful leader looks like. Here is a quick hit list of thoughts.

•Sustained Successful Leaders are attractional – you are drawn in

•The more that I see, the more I want to see

•Other people think more of them than they think of themselves

•They desire to learn more than they can teach

•They see possibilities instead of problems

•They lift more than they let down

In short these are the types of leaders that we desire to be with and to become. These leaders make me better and in turn I can make my part of the world better.

7 Action Steps

They put relationships FIRST

Relationships are nurtured and highly valued. These leaders realize that ONE is too small of a number to achieve success. It remains a leadership law – Help others succeed and they will in turn help you succeed. These leaders know they are dispensable while their team is indispensable. Add value to others and they will add multiplied value to their world. That is multiplied leadership!

They know that significance matters

What happens around you is success. What happens in you is significance! This is a journey of transforming your perspective from finite to infinite. Significance is when you realize your calling and life mission is bigger than your ability to achieve in your lifetime. Success is allowing others to grow larger than you.

They use HUMOR

Do not take yourself so seriously – learn to laugh at yourself. Others have been laughing already. Learn to laugh again, it is healthier!

They lead from their strengths

Question: What sets you apart from being average? Stay in your strength Zone. Stop working on your weaknesses. Invest in your strengths, establish a growth plan that intentionally moves you forward to your hope and dreams.

They manage negative thinking

Learn to focus on what you can control! There is so much you cannot control currently in your life – Covid-19, economy, employee shortage, retirement, etc.. Understand this too shall pass. Compartmentalize your life – stay present and grounded in what matters the most in life.

They make their own luck

A solid work ethic is necessary, show up first and be the last to leave in important assignments and projects. Understand that anything worthwhile is uphill. Effort must be exerted, and time must be invested. I know that we say , we do not believe in luck, but I would suggest a different type of luck – WHO-LUCK! Who do you know that is doing leadership at a higher level than yourself? Who can take you to the next level of leading? Who are the leaders you are being influenced by – get to know those people and read their content.

They manage their energy

Optimize your energy not your time! Know when to take a break and change the setting.


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