Flops, Failures, Fumbles


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“When we talk about how good we are, we emotionally disqualify the people around us.” John Maxwell

People are impressed with success but impacted by our failures.

• If we’re going to lead well, we must talk about success as well as failure.•Makes the leader reachable.•Makes those learning teachable.

How to get a great ROF: Return on Failure1.What would you attempt to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?•This question removes the fear of failure. It gets you going.•The problem with just this question is you will eventually fail.• It sets you up for success and provides a positive attitude but doesn’t prevent failure.•It gets you going.2.What would you attempt to do if you knew you WOULD fail, but you knew

you would learn, grow, and get better?

How to Flip Your Flops, Failures and Fumbles1.Optimism: believe there is always an answers, there is always a benefiting each situation2.Responsibility: Changing your response by taking responsibility for a failure, then learning and improving because of it. If you don’t feel responsible for the failure, you won’t feel the need to learn and improve from it.3.Humility: Having a teachable spirit and accepting feedback from others4.Collaboration: Learn to share your mistakes and learn from those around you.5.Resilience: Say good-bye to yesterday6.Initiative: Act and face your fears

Now it is your turn•Of the six items that we just discussed, which ones are you good at and how can you improve even more?•Where am I weak and how can I improve?


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