How COVID Has Impacted Christianity


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The Barna Group has been quite involved in data collection during the pandemic shut-down. They has gathered data in real time from over 10,000 pastors and congregations over the last year. We are going to examine 3 key data sets of information to give a snapshot of one year later of our COVID journey.

The first data set is about; Satisfaction with Social Life, Well-Being & Work-Life Balance Has Waned During the Pandemic. Take notice of the graphic in the show-notes.

Looking ahead, Americans are divided on the timeline for complete economic recovery. As of October 2020, one in three U.S. adults (32%) believed the economy will recover in one year, while two in five (40%) assumed it will take at least two or more years. Optimism is somewhat higher among practicing Christians; more than one-third (35%) thinks the economy will recover by October 2021.

We all have been impacted deeper and to a greater extent than what we might be prepared to accept. Significant emotional impact upon human beings can be a slow process of initial shock to recovery. Ultimately the Faith Community can best serve their towns by offering opportunities for people to connect with others in a caring and supportive function. People are subconsciously asking “Does anyone really know me?”


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