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The ultimate communication skill is the ability to INSPIRE others! – Jim Rohm

Lead by example, this is how leaders make vision and values tangible. This is how they provide evidence they are personally committed. This is what people look for and are willing to follow. – Kouzes & Posner

The are 4 key questions that you must answer as a leader if you intend to inspire anyone.

What Do I Want Them To See?

Great leaders lead by example, inspiring others to do the same by leading and adding value to the lives of others. Leadership is visual – people do what people see. Inspiration is contagious. Anticipation of the value that I will impart is the key to inspiration. I want people to see:

A Leader

An Inspired Leader who loves what they are doing

An Example – Learn the difference between significance of “me-centric” Vs. Others-centric

How Do I Want Them To Feel?

VALUED – People always remember how you made them feel – Valued no matter the circumstances – If you want to be successful value people first.

INSPIRED – Inspiration is contagious. Realizing the people are more important than myself is a key distinction of successful leaders.

People do what people see =- Becoming interested in other people makes you invaluable.

Charisma Vs. Inspiration – Charismatic leadership many times is “ME-CENTRIC”. Inspiration is more about “OTHERS-FOCUSED.”

What Do I Want Them To Know?

Everything rises and falls on Leadership. Your Leadership should offer lift! Help people see their possibilities instead of your accomplishments. Lead others to shift from who they are to who they can become.

What Do I Want Them To Do?

Your guiding mantra should be I want to make a difference with people just like who are making a difference, while trying to do something that makes a difference. All of it in a context for such a time as this.

Lead others by example

Live a significant life

Add values to the lives of others

Your teaching should impart a life-style of significance. The pressure is on your presentation and message! Make sure you have something to say that is life-changing!


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