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Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that “Leaders are dealers in HOPE!” If you are a leader, how do you inspire hope in a chaotic world? Better yet, If you are a person that Trains the Trainer, how do you inspire those who need to inspire?

Mark Cibort, President of Reaktor, North America wrote in INC Magazine an article entitled “5 Ways COVID Has Changed Leadership Forever.” this article was published one year ago. Here is what He stated;

1.Weaponizing Fear Is Over – Leaders that have grown accustomed to using FEAR as a motivational tactic will fail and fail hard. People are not buying the Fear angle for motivation.

2.Learn To Ask For Advise – Instead of asking yourself, Do I get permission or forgiveness; stop and consider a 3rd option. Ask for advise. Asking for advise can give you a larger prevue of your environment and circumstances.

3.Shared Values Beat Mission Statements – Shared Values inspire accountability much more than a mission statement can.

4.Move Decision Making Authority Down The Org Chart – As a leader you must let go of CONTROL and take on the role of SERVITUDE.

5.Everything Is Hyper-Global – This is no longer about my little community, but it is much more global than ever.

With these five insights, I want to narrow the list down even further, I want to offer three key abilities of Post-COVID Leaders that is provided by Gallup Research. This is about facing the reality of today instead of looking backward and attempting to create a pre-COVID world that simply does not exist.

INSPIRE OTHERS – It is one thing to be inspired but quite another to inspire others. Possessing an abundance of energy is required to inspire and be inspired. This begins with a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. The old adage is true; “Know thyself in order to grow thyself!” Simply stated if you are not in touch with your habits and disciplines, honestly it is not going to go well for you to inspire others. From this self-care position a post-COVID inspirational leader is a person that literally acts upon their inspiration.

COMMUICATES CLEARLY – Crisp, Concise, and Clear communication is required in a post pandemic world. The million-dollar question is how do we inspire those who need to inspire? I think it would be safe to say that inspiration in seasons of chaos is more than words on a wall. Vision statements are fine in seasons of calm and prosperity. In chaos an organization’s purpose is what will allow inspirational leaders to lead effectively.

LEAD CHANGE – I think it is safe to say there is a vacuum of qualified inspirational leaders. Since we are more globally connected than ever before our methods of business operations have been severely disrupted. Leading Change is not just a mantra but a skill that is desperately needed. Leading change requires revisiting our PURPOSE – this is the reason for exitance. Our purpose is timeless. Our vision is time-balanced. In seasons of chaos our vision does not make sense in the same way it did in seasons of calm. Purpose, however, in seasons of chaos is informed to a point that methodologies are reshaped, refined and more determined for such a time as this.

The global pandemic of 2020 to the present has been a significant disruption. The metrics previously used to measure success was for a pre-pandemic era. Many are coming out bigger and stronger. Others have closed their doors. In closing, 2021 should be declared as the year of RECOGNITION of those under your charge!


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