Mental Health Awareness Pt 2


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44% of Americans state that Churches should be the center of counseling within the community.

74% of nonpracticing Christians 3 out of 4 people stated they would reengage the church if they offered sermon teaching content and mental tools and resources

Statistics are strongly suggesting that people do not want to engage Faith that is only true – they also want it to be good for humankind. Churches have a wide-open door to present more than a gospel message, but the benefit of a faith journey.

50% of Christians do not see their church showing up in the community to address mental health awareness and offering resources. Counseling centers are at the fore-front.

6% of nonbelievers say that the church cares about me or offers emotional and mental health assistance.

Key Question: What is emotional/spiritual health?1.Awareness of what is going on the inside2.Knowing my family of origin – culture impacts who I am today3.Where are you in comprehension of biblical grief and loss – Study the Lamentation Psalms and the bible book of lamentations

A key thought to consider if your life is over-worked and underdeveloped? Are you out of control? Are you doing more publicly than what your inner-life can sustain? Simply bearing fruit does not necessarily equate to being emotionally well.

Is your prayer life always getting something from God versus being alone with God? Are we developed in an Americanized Jesus instead the formation of Christ in me? Formation in Christ is more than programs

What is the difference between between a Crucified Jesus vs. an Americanized Jesus? There are 4 responses to this question based upon the book of Matthew that Jesus had to constantly teach the Disciples to not become and perform in these 4 arenas.

Be Popular – Jesus did not have a popular ministry compared to the religious structure of the day. The Apostle Peter wanted to erect memorials – Jesus rejected this popularity.

Be Great – Many biblical scholars point out that Jesus absolutely fought against “GREATNESS-ism”

Be Successful – Jesus wanted to be among the people

Avoid Suffering and Pain at all costs – How many of our prayer meetings is about redemption from pain and suffering. It is time to embrace pain and suffering as part of the life experience by looking to Jesus himself for guidance on how to get through – not around it!

What are the quality markers of success?

Am I relaxing in Jesus – Christlikeness is the core?

Being with Jesus and relaxing in self – is that sufficient to sustain what I am doing?

A full room of people does not equal spiritual flourishing

People’s loss needs to be validated and affirmed – not ignored!

Revelation of God only comes from the deep well of suffering and loss

The degree that we are able to to grieve our losses is the degree of our compassion for other people.


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