The Magnificat – Mary’s Song


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Angelic Visitation

INTRO: What would your reaction be to an angelic visitation? Would it be like Mary’s who offered six lessons on praise?

Scripture: Luke 1:46-56

  1. The Testimony – Mary gives thanks to God for six things – 1:46-56
    1. God’s Condescension – God Took Notice of Her – vv.46-48
      1. The reality of God noticing and bestowing favor upon her caused Mary to state two definitive comments
        1. My soul glorifies
        1. My Spirit rejoices
    1. God’s Holiness – God has done great things for her – v.49
      1. Holiness allows for greatness – unholiness brings destruction doesn’t it?
      1. God’s holiness here is more than His moral perfection. Rather it refers to His acts of righteousness and justice by which He fulfills His covenant with His people. In other words: GOD IS ABLE!
      1. God’s name is a name of action – right action. His holiness brings rewards to the humble and judgment to the haughty. Take note of Psalm 111:9 9; He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name!
    1. God’s Mercy – His mercy goes on from generation to generation – v.50
      1. Mary sees herself not as the only person to be blessed. Rather God’s mercy is available to all generations far beyond my life.
      1. Psalm 103:17-19: But(AC) the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on(AD) those who fear him,
        and his righteousness to(AE) children’s children,
        18to those who(AF) keep his covenant
        and(AG) remember to do his commandments.
        19The LORD has(AH) established his throne in the heavens,
        and his(AI) kingdom rules over all.
    1. God’s Power – God does tremendous things with His power – v.51
      1. God has performed mighty deeds with His arm
      1. God has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts [literally the heart is being referenced]
      1. Luke did not see God’s power merely as political power. He saw it as a contrast between the humble poor and the haughty rich [Ref Luke 6:2-26 – Read]
    1. God’s Sovereignty – God humbles the proud and exalts the lowly – vv.52-53
      1. God brought down the rulers from their thrones
      1. God exalted the lowly
      1. God filled the hungry with good things
      1. God sent the rich away empty
    1. God’s Faithfulness – God has kept all His promises to Israel – vv.54-55
      1. God did not forget what He promised – He remembered Abraham and all that was said.
      1. God has not forgotten in this modern time – He will bring about all that He promised in His Word.

Three Lessons From Luke

  1. The humble are exalted and the arrogant are brought low
  2. God fulfills all prophecy and all promises
  3. Mary understood the significance of the Christ child being greater than Elizabeth’s child. Prioritize Christ at the top of your understanding.

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