The Stable That Changed The World


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God’s Entrance Into History Through Christ

  1. Deep Change That Required New Ways of Behaving – Luke 2:1-20
    1. This whole Christmas story is one that forces us to behave in different ways. Society then and society now was ingrained in certain religious patterns and ways of performing. Then God sends Jesus to work not only within the religious order but also most definitely to work outside the norm.
    2. For example take note of some of the issues that force new behavior:
    3. Joseph taking Mary unto himself even though she was pregnant while betrothed but not yet married. Joseph believed the messenger of God and he changed his behavior.
    4. Consider King Herod who was perhaps threatened by the inquiry of the Magi regarding Christ. Herod wanted the Magi to report back to him (Matthew 2:1-20) so he could worship. Yet the angel told the Magi differently – Herod wanted to kill the child and Egypt would be the temporary safe-haven for them.
    5. Consider Simeion’s behavior being that of anticipation to see the Christ child through the “Holy Spirit’s report”
    6. Consider the prophetess Anna who prayed and asked continually at the Temple for the coming of Christ child
    7. Consider the whole religious system of religion/government that would be radically altered because of Christ. Their behavior was not that of change but vengeance, because of change (i.e. Slavery was abolished because of Christianity)
  2. Deep Change That Causes Surrender of Self-Control – Luke 2:1-20; Matthew 1: 2:1-20
    1. Take note of the illustrations of surrendering self-control just in the birth narrative alone saying nothing about his life.
      1. Joseph – what a social dilemma, engaged yet Mary is pregnant. Joseph surrenders self-control on the basis of the angel’s visit in a dream = Matthew 1.
      2. Mary – visitation of the angel to tell of her coming son/Savior via the agency of the Holy Spirit. Note her gladness before and after the news. She surrendered; the abortion clinic was not optional.
      3. Magi – these were astrologers that knew something big was about to happen by the mere alignment of the stars. They surrendered control and traveled based on astrology first (Matthew 2:1).
      4. Simeon – surrendered control based upon the Holy Spirit’s presence upon him that told him he would live to see the Messiah (Luke 2:25).
      5. Anna the prophetess – she would be considered a modern day religious feminist radical because of her cultural praying and fasting in the Temple – she believed God’s redemptive plan for the people (Luke 2:36).
  3. Deep Change Is Irreversible – Luke 2:1-20
    1. Author Robert Quinn suggests that significant change, once we are committed, should be irreversible. If changes are always incremental then there will always be a way to go back to the old patterns and habits.
    2. Consider the irreversible change of all the characters in the birth narrative. In every case there was no return – wholesale commitment to what physical science suggested (Magi) or to what angels were reporting – but there was no returning to the old life style patterns.
    3. Most profound of all is the birth narrative is God himself. He stepped into his own creation order without a “PLAN B.”
      1. When you actually think about it, God is asking a wholesale change in lifestyle, wholesale commitment and there is no “Plan B.”
      2. What will you do about Christ? The stable in Bethlehem changes the world then, now, and into this new millennium. How will it change your life – how has it changed your life?
      3. You need Jesus today! There are no other options and choices.

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