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Successful People Think Big Picture

It is one thing to think big picture thinking is important. It’s another to actually think BIG! When you get into the presence of a big picture thinker, they will not belittle you for your small thoughts. They will make you a bigger thinker! A great book suggestion is David Schwartz; The Magic of Thinking Big.

Leaders that see more and before everyone else is a big picture leader. Big picture leaders do not think in scarcity, they think in abundance. This means there is always an answer and more than one answer.

If you desire for your Team or organization to become big picture thinkers, set the expectations on the front end. Here are 5 expectations that you might want to consider.

It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it is about the big picture.

Growth is expected.

Value People.

Be responsible every time.

There will be tough conversations.

Successful People Question The Acceptance of Popular Thinking

Successful people do not buy into average thinking, beliefs, or influence of others. Your mission as a leader simply cannot be just like everyone else who chooses to copy another’s success. When you do that, you are imposing someone else’s ideas onto your geographical location.

Popular thinking states that experience is the best teacher. Actually, evaluated experience is the best teacher! Sadly, most people simply accept their lives instead of leading their lives, and yet they call it fate. There are three (3) things required on this level of thinking; Conviction, I will stand out; Courage – I will stand up; Confidence – I will stand alone. It is one thing to teach leadership, it is another thing to teach transformation so that others can develop. Success is not something that you see, it is more about moving in the direction of success.

Successful People Encourage Shared Thinking

The quicker you can take a thought and expose it to others, the quicker it will become better. This requires that you look at your team and ask them to make you better and make your ideas better. The opposite of shared thinking is selfish thinking where you desire to keep all of the information to yourself.

If you dare to sit down with the good thinkers on your Team and ask them how you can be better, they will always make you better. When you ask questions:•You encourage creativity and ideation•You improve the idea•You give others a sense of ownership or the outcome

Suggested reading on the subject of Thinking:

How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

Thinking For A Change – John Maxwell

Jump Start Your Thinking – 90 Day Journal – John Maxwell


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