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The old adage is true; “What got you here, will not get you there!” You must maintain a sense of Hunger for personal growth; Live out true humility in front of your team; demonstrate what servant leadership looks – that requires a different intelligence.

In order to set up the most dangerous thought a leader could ever have, I want to set the stage by discussing momentum’s impact upon Servant Leadership and Selfish Leadership. This most dangerous thought can occur from either context. Below is a comparison chart between Servant and Selfish Leadership.

Using the chart comparison, we need to understand that the 2-word most dangerous thought of leadership can occur in either column

Here is the Most Dangerous Leadership Thought……….

I Deserve……”

Why are these 2 words so dangerous?•You can slip into a sense of entitlement because you have given so very much•You turn the shear pain of leadership at times into your own personal sacrifice that you desire others to take notice of•Your contributions become only motivators to get what you want in return•Leadership can become a subtle misguided tool to achieve and get rewarded•What is overlooked – Servant Leadership does not look for anything in return nor does it feel entitled.


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