SITB 173 feat. The Two Fake Blondes (DJ/Producer Duo)


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Episode 173 features EDM's favorite husband and wife duo The Two Fake Blondes! I caught up with Petey and Hannah recently and had a blast getting their full story. 📖 We got it all in for 173 and discussed: •Early inspirations and influences: Petey and Hannah were born and raised on opposite ends of the US (Petey - upstate NY / Hannah - Seattle, WA) grew up with music as a major part of their lives. Hannah is a naturally gifted singer who was already in recording studios at 7 years old and Petey started producing in high school. Eventually their paths crossed in 2016 in Nashville and eventually got married a few years later. AWWWW! 😍 •Becoming The Two Fake Blondes: Although Petey was already having success pursuing his own solo career and Hannah had given up on music, they had a moment after a random show in Portland that sparked a new wave of collaborative creativity. They decided to join forces - Petey would construct and produce the tracks and Hannah would songwrite and sing the vocals. We are sure glad they did! 🔥 •Discography: It was so much fun running through TTFB releases and hearing about how the inspiration for the lyrics and the production process that went on behind the scenes to bring these tracks to life. We talked about tracks like "Lifeline", "Good For You", and "Insecurities" (via Bring The Kingdom) and the story of how they came together. All of their tracks are really special.🤩 This interview was authentic in every way - we talked about finding yourself, heartbreak and true love, and finding creativity in places you least expect. I'm such a big fan of them and they are truly inspiring on many levels. ⭐️❤️

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