Episode 147 / Joseph Harper / Kellogg Company / E-commerce Marketing Manager - Western Europe


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Having worked at Kellogg's for seven years, Joe Harper looks after the e-commerce function of the company across all of Europe. He previously held roles across social content creation and many more in sport betting, moving from sports to cereal and from digital to e-commerce.

Joe's Shiny New Object may not be "shiny" or "new" to some but it's certainly relevant in his business space: user generated content (UGC). Joe believes that big companies still haven't unpacked the full potential of using UGC especially on social channels. The relatability of user content and its relevance for social media audiences helps it have a bigger impact than any glossy campaign created by a brand or their agency.

Listen to Joe talk about harnessing the power of UGC, as well as his top marketing tips and advice for students, in this latest episode of the podcast.

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