Episode 148 / Kieran Foley / Danone / Head of Partnerships and Licensing


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Kieran Foley heads up the Partnerships and Licensing department at Danone, headquartered in New York and looking after all major programmes the company runs with NBC Universal, Disney, the NFL, but also charities and more. His career covers exciting sports sponsorship programmes as well as the creation of a cricket league called the CPL T20 which is now second in the world.

Kieran's Shiny New Object is the growth potential of women's sport, which has shot up after the pandemic and reflects the change in attitudes and interests across both genders in society. Brands have a huge opportunity to be part of a relevant and exciting movement, with stronger touchpoints and interactivity with consumers.

Listen to Kieran talk about cricket leagues, learning from local cultures and more in our latest podcast episode.

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