Dr Martyn Shorten - Retail and Clinicians, Where is it at? (Part 2)


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Shoephoria has never had the same interviewee twice in a row, but Dr. Martyn Shorten is such a gold mine of information on shoes, the footwear industry, biomechanics and sports medicine, that we had him go back to back.

In this episode, Martyn casually chucks a few hand grenades into the footwear world telling us that there is no place for “segmentation” of footwear into motion control, cushioning or stability categories because there simply is no evidence for it. And this means that traditional ways of clustering and recommending shoes in retail, podiatry and physiotherapy, is wrong, and must change!

Dr. Shorten introduces us to the Performance Protection Spectrum in this wide ranging podcast, a more accurate and meaningful way to stratify running footwear according to the individual athlete needs.

He also takes us through the concept of “grounded running”, and, why Navy Seals get sore backs!

This is a not to be missed Shoephoria episode
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