STS POD DYN-O-MITE Ep 18, Episode 376


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It’s time for a special edition “Shootin’ The Shiznit” with STS POD DYN-O-MITE!! Brian Tramel is joined by P3RADIO’s Richard & Josh to review the 10.14.20 episode of AEW in their quick RT format ! They answer the following questions about the show: -Best thing about the show ? -Worst thing about the show? -MVP?? -What do they want to see on this week’s Dynamite show? -THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN? Sponsored by Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code STSPOD at Manscaped DOT com. That’s 20% off with free shipping at manscaped DOT com and use code STSPOD. Spunklube is the perfect blend of water and silicone. It is an all purpose personal lubricant that can be used for any occasion. You will love the natural feeling and look of it. It is safe for sensitive skin. Go to spunklube DOT com and tell them shootin the shiznit sent you ! Follow them on Twitter @SpunkLube BlueChew DOT com brings you the first chewable with the same FDA-approved active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis so you know they work. You can take them anytime, day or night--even on a full stomach--and since they’re chewable, they work up to twice as fast as a pill, so you can be ready whenever an opportunity arises. Right now, we’ve got a special deal for our listeners: Visit BlueChew DOT com and get your first shipment FREE when you use our special promo code STS — Just pay $5 shipping. Have you used the UBER Eats app? If not, you can download it & get $7 off your first order by using this code: eats-briant24790ue Did you love this week’s episode?? Was it worth a $1 ? $2? $100?? Donate to STS by using the Cash app and sending $$$$ to: $BTSTS In partnership with Championship Wrestling on CW30! Every Saturday at Noon on YouTube. Follow them on Twitter: @cw30wrestling Patron only UNCUT/BSIDE includes before the mics, BT blooper, who has heat?, a Jerry Lawler story and more ! WE WANT YOU ! Subscribe to Patreon for only $1!! In 2019, we posted EVERY episode UNCUT before the release and over 30 BSIDE shows exclusively for PATREON ! This year we have released all shows UNCUT and over 27 BSIDE shows. We have an exclusive show monthly “Honorable Mentions” that is released with WTF News Desk. Only $1 a month!! Search “shootintheshiznit” on Patreon ! Last week’s show ! STS POD DYN-O-MITE 10.7.20 Review w/ @p3radio1

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