The Side Project That Hit a Crossroads


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If you're any kind of believer in side projects, side hustles, or side gigs — whatever you choose to call them — let my experience be a lesson to you.

This episode kicks off a 7-episode personal story of excitement and embarrassment due to a major crossroads with my own side hustle.


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I've always run side projects. Most are purely creative endeavors to help others or to learn new skills. But twice I've had income in mind.

NextRestaurants launched in 2014 and became Big Side Project #1 for me. Big out of necessity as it quickly moved from side project to full-time project.

I sold that website 3 years later. It was a heroic moment and that project still lives on today.

Big Side Project #2 emerged after a year of podcasting and feeling frustrated about the planning process. I won't reveal the name until the third episode in this 7-episode story.

But this little side hustle hit a crossroads recently and I'm going to transparently tell the whole story...

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