Ep. 164: The 2019 recap part 4: Amazon, Brexit, Gully Boy


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And finally, we're at part 4 of the year-end review, even though by the time you hear this episode, 1/12th of 2020 is already over. Hopefully, your resolutions aren't!

This is the last part of the 2019 review (phew, finally!). While we've done a ton of topical Simblification, we thought we'd have a look at some of the major themes that kept coming back to bite us in the arse in 2019. The Simblified gang have a freewheeling, absolutely unscripted conversation on some key topics that kept hitting headlines through the year (and... made many heads fall on desks, too). We'd reveal the topics in this description, but... Then what's the fun, right? Each episode features 5-6 topics which our team of hosts discusses. We all learn something new along the way and hope you do, too (and yes, there are many many bad jokes too).

And yes by now you've grown familiar to the voice of Tony Sebastian, our new co-host! Say hello! Chuck & Srikeit make up your old hosts, while Naren is unfortunately AWOL.

It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in a language you can understand, often surmounting several puns and PG Wodehouse references along the way. We aim to make you appear smarter during parties, job interviews, and dates.

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