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Since this podcast, I’ve been amazed at how many awesome guests we’ve had who are right at the top of their profession. Today’s guest continues that trend as I chat with Jim Miller, Chief of Performance at USA Cycling. Jim raced as a pro cyclist on US domestic teams in the 90’s alongside a previous guest, Dirk Friel from TrainingPeaks. While racing he started out coaching in a small way, and on retiring he built his own coaching business before being enticed across to USA cycling where he spent the next 17 years. Jim enjoyed a short spell working with Dirk at TrainingPeaks before returning to USA cycling in March 2020 to take up his current position and help prepare athletes for the 2021 Olympics in Japan. This is another fascinating and enjoyable conversation as we chat about:

  • Why even in a management role, Jim always negotiates freedom to continue with some coaching
  • Remarkable differences between how USA cycling is funded compared to other nations like UK or France
  • Measuring HRV and why Jim is a big fan of the Whoop band
  • Virtual racing, ’no compromises’, and why it’s important to stay focussed on the long term goal
  • Topsy turvy results in pro cycling and why so many young riders are winning
  • FTP is important, but why you should understand the ‘real’ requirements for your chosen event
  • Polarised training, Stephen Seiler, and why Jim is a big fan of both
  • Jim’s top 3 tips for your winter training

Jim is a really interesting and knowledgeable guy, and I would highly recommend you follow him on social media.

You can find him here

Instagram jimmillertime

Twitter @jimmiller_time

If you’re interested in finding out more about USA Cycling go HERE

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In terms of remote coaching and monitoring athletes, Jim is a obviously a big fan of TrainingPeaks and TrainingPeaks-WKO5

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