Coronavirus must be seen as an opportunity not just a threat.


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Jon Gaunt says that although #covid-19 is clearly a threat we must also see the lockdown as an opportunity to redouble our efforts to lose weight and take back control of our lives.

In this lively and informative podcast Jon make the point that it would be too easy to use this pandemic as an excuse to eat junk food and veg out on the sofa.

Instead he says that we should take time to cook more or even learn how to cook with real food. We should exercise, meditate and take some time out for relaxation and to release stress.

He also points to the fact that it seems that there is a link between being obese and Type 2 diabetic and survival chances if you end up on a respirator.

So Jon says this is the perfect time to take back control and eat really healthily with Low Carb High Fat meals and the #keto lifestyle.

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