Has Simple as Fat #LCHF cured Jon Gaunt’s deafness?


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Jon has just been fitted with hearing aids and he cannot believe the difference they have made to his life.

As part of his journey back to normality Jon thinks that the weight loss and the reversal of his Type 2 diabetes has given him the confidence to sort out his hearing.

Being overweight and deafness have a lot in common as they both have the effect of isolating you and perhaps making you depressed.

Not having a hearing test is the equivalent of not looking at your reflection in a shop window.

It is a form of denial and Jon realised he had to confront it.

So now he has hearing aids and a second mortgage to pay for them! But joking aside he has more confidence and greater self-esteem.

Jon believes that the hearing aids like the bike he has just bought is all about him investing in himself and he thinks this is vital if you wish to lose weight and change your life with Simple as Fat.

Have a listen and see if it rings bells with you too!

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