How do you holiday if you are on a Low Carb High Fat, Keto diet?


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How do you cope with holidays if you are on a Low Carb High Fat or Keto diet?

Easy, says Jon Gaunt in this amusing and thought-provoking podcast about his journey in reversing his Type 2 Diabetes and losing tons of weight and taking back control of his life.

Gaunty states that if you follow the Simple as Fat plan you will not fall off the wagon and start eating sugar laden ultra-processed food whilst you relax in the sun.

Jon’s main mantra is “Do not put off today what you will not do tomorrow”

Jon says there is no good time to start a diet or lifestyle change so do not put it off with an excuse of, “I’m going on holiday” or my birthday is coming up so I will start after that” These are just excuses and mean you will always be fat.

Jon has plenty of practical tips on what to eat and drink when you are on holiday and still lose weight.

He also tells you what the main secret of losing weight on a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Keto style diet is, DO NOT FEAR THE FAT!

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