Sugar is killing us. Tax it. Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Dr Aseem Malhotra


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Leading Cardiologist, Aseem Malhotra, tells Jon Gaunt that sugar is literally killing us.

It is the enemy not good animal fats and he has an eight point plan on how to reverse type 2 Diabetes in 3 years.

He not only wants a tax on sugar and on sugary products he wants all adverts for those products banned and he wants sports organisations and teams not to be sponsored by these high sugar products.

In a wide ranging interview Malhotra talks and walks through his strategy which has been drawn up in collaboration with Professor Robert Lustig.

If you are a Type 2 or pre-diabetic this is essential listening. Aseem also talks about the connection between sugar and cancer, obesity, heart disease, strokes and Dementia.

He clearly sets out the links between Big Food , the Sugar industry and Big Pharma and just how responsible they are for the obesity and diabetes epidemic.

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