Aviation Pathways, Jarred Dellinger, December 29, 2019 (S8E10)


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When Marc earned his PPL in the mid-70's, he learned from young CFI's, who were on a path to the airlines. Getting a job was tough, as young pilots were competing with military pilots and those that were having their training paid for by the GI Bill. Fast forward 40 years, and while it's still tough to get with the majors, the candidate pool and job landscape has changed dramatically.

Those looking to earn their living in aviation have a lot of diversity in gender, background, age, and career goals. It is not unusual to find first time CFI's approaching retirement age, as they prepare for their second, or maybe, "final" career. For some, the CFI role is a stepping stone to flying passengers, while others view the instructor job as a way to share their passion for flight and to help others achieve their aviation dreams, as well as achieving their own.

Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio, as Brandon and Marc speak with Jared Dellinger, a Chicago-based CFI, who is enjoying his "new and improved" career as a CFI. As for his future in aviation, Jared is letting that be a work in progress. With the cockpit of a GA plane being "the best office in the world", there is no need to rush towards that next job. That's a very refreshing attitude and in that spirit, tune in and Enjoy The Ride!

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