Beautiful By Design, Chris Custer, March 10, 2019


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Ask a pilot, which is their favorite plane, and they may answer with a plane they've never flown before. We know that sometimes an airplane "speaks" to a person. It may be the history, the sound, the performance, or maybe it's because of it's lines and appearance. LIN 2010, Cirrus continued its streak of innovations by introducing the Xi appearance option. It gave owners the option of making their plane a truly personal "one of a kind" experience.

Chris Custer, Lead Xi Designer for Cirrus Aircraft, joins the SimpleFlight crew in this week's episode to discuss the program from the designer's point of view. This includes the challenge of working with an owner to help them vocalize and translate their vision into a reality that takes the ownership experience to a higher level.

Chris' passion for design, combined with the pride he takes in helping customers navigate the many decisions they must make, comes through with "flying colors" in the discussion. We hope you enjoy Chris' story as much as Marc and Al did.

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