Field of Dreams, Steve & Tina Thomas, March 24, 2019


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It's a surprise to no one that the most common conversations in aviation, center on people and planes. And why not... it makes for great hangar flying. This week, Al and Marc were reminded of another very important aspect of aviation... The Airport. We're not talking about the runways, but how the airport serves as a hub for bringing people and planes together. Airports have personalities that are born out of the stories and the people who make them happen. This week, the SimpleFlight crew visited a shining example of the perfection that happens when it all comes together. Poplar Grove Airport (C77) is a very special place. It's not because of chance, but rather the owners of the airport, Steve and Tina Thomas, designed it that way. They built a culture years ago, which they protect, strengthen, and live 7 x 24 x 365. After a tour of the field, which was too short for their liking, the guys had a chance to sit down with Steve and Tina and talk about how they make the magic happen. When you listen to this week's show, you may hear about a flight school, a maintenance shop, a museum, and an air-park, but what you'll feel and think about is the history, the passion, and a very special community. You can read about Poplar Grove on their website:(, but if you ever in the Midwest, drop by C77 and say hi to Steve and Tina (and the dogs). You may never want to leave. As always, we love hearing from you and ask you share your ideas with the entire SimpleFlight Facebook and Instagram community @simpleflightradio ​ Thanks for being a part of the SimpleFlight Family!!!

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