Flying Fun Alaska, Ray Weber, February 9, 2020 (S8E12)


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It seems every pilot has an aviation bucket list. Sometimes its a type of airplane, an experience, or a destination. And sometimes it's all three. Regardless, the lists are wide ranging and not often duplicated. But there is an exception. A flight to Alaska is found on most lists.

It's easy to understand why. No other state is as dependent on general aviation as Alaska. The challenges it presents to pilots is legendary. Even getting there adds the challenge of flying through another country. Once there, with a reputation that precedes it, the inexperienced pilot might find it both beautiful and foreboding. All of this adds up to a very special feeling about what it would be like to fly there. Which brings up the question, what is it like to start your PPL training in Alaska? Do the same rules apply? Do CFI's in Alaska teach differently than those in the lower 48? These are the questions Brandon and Marc had. And thanks to one of our loyal listeners (Edward from Alaska), we were introduced to Dr. Raymond Weber of the University of Alaska Anchorage. Dr. Weber, is a member of the faculty in the Aviation Technology Division, with a background in Aviation Safety.

Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio, as Brandon and Marc sit down with Ray to learn about the special considerations that comes with teaching and learning to fly in our 49th state. We hope you enjoy the show and end up adding an Alaskan adventure to your personal bucket list.

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