Navigating The Process; Kseniya Polinsky, April 28, 2019


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Ask most pilots, and they will tell you that learning to fly was one of the most rewarding and challenging things they have done in life. And while similarities exist, each pilot's journey is unique. Something that can be depended on are the many challenges that will be faced throughout the training process. This week's episode of SimpleFlight Radio has Marc and Al talking with Kseniya Polinsky, a friend of the show, who recently earned her Private Pilot certificate. Like all of us, Kseniya, had to answer the questions of how to go about getting started, finding a school, a CFI, and establishing a timeline that made sense for her, while life around her continued to change. Kseniya's story serves as a reminder that the path is not always straight, but it is within the student's ultimate control. The crew enjoyed hearing about her strategies for understanding and navigating both the human and technical factors that come into play during the process. Of course, establishing, and when necessary, reestablishing momentum is a topic we can all identify with. We hope you you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. As always, we love hearing from you and ask you share your ideas with the entire SimpleFlight Facebook and Instagram community @simpleflightradio ​ Thanks for being a part of the SimpleFlight Family!!!

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