Beyond Pilot Error, Karlene Petitt, March 29, 2020 (S8E14)


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With Covid-19 being so front and center in everyone's mind, it's very common and appropriate to hear people sending wishes for safety and good health. Certainly, SimpleFlight wishes the same for you and yours. The path to getting to a healthier state, starts with a cultural change that now requires us to stand apart physically. Ironically, the desire to be safer, may also require a cultural shift.

Brandon and Marc welcome back Karlene Petitt to SimpleFlight Radio. As an international airline pilot, author, pilot advocate and aviation safety subject matter expert, Karlene spoke to the crew about her doctoral research into the relationships between safety culture, pilot training, aircraft knowledge, aviation passion, and the impact of automation usage. The goal was to determine the root cause of performance issues. And unlike what we are used to hearing, it goes far beyond "pilot error".

Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio, and hear first hand, the surprising results of her research. We enjoyed the conversation and hope you do too.

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