Ladies Love Taildraggers, May 10, 2020 (S8E16)


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All pilots are passionate about aviation. It's the one thing that creates a bond. As Marc likes to say, it's our Common Unity. And that's what makes us a COMMUNITY. But it doesn't stop there. There are families within the family. Some are based on aircraft types (there are more than 100 aircraft type clubs), while others are pilot segmented groups (e.g. 99's, NAFI, AbleFlight). And there are even a few organizations that bring both together.

And that brings us to Ladies Love Taildraggers ( Marc and Brandon talked with Judy Birchler and Kelly Jeffries, who started the organization in 2009 and now have over 2500 members. Listen in and catch their contagious enthusiasm as they share not only what they put into the group, but what the members come away with. Spoiler alert... it starts with FUN!

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