SFP 55 – Practice-Based Evidence: Looking at what is effective in what we do with Prof. Frank Thomas


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Prof. Frank Thomas about learning from client feedback. In today’s episode, we talk with Frank Thomas, Professor at the TCU Counseling Program and former Archivist of the SFBTA about Practice-Based Evidence. He shares what fascinated him and drew him towards Solution Focus from 1985 on and what makes him passionate about Solution Focus today. Hear more about his article about the evolution of compliments and the importance of retaining complimenting in Solution Focus. Learn more about Practice-Based Evidence, how we can engage our clients in the process and learn from and with them, and the difference between Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence. Frank tells us a touching story with the taxi metaphor and the different ride with letting clients participate in the process. We explore how and what to ask clients to elicit client feedback on how it is going and how to involve them in the experience. And he shares how he teaches Practice-Based Evidence with his students at the TCU and how he invites seasoned practitioners to embrace this form of learning as well as the value of formalizing client feedback with FIT and/or PCOMS. As founding archivist of the SFBTA archive he saw the foreshadowing of future discoveries in the video tapes of the BFTC. And he stresses the rumor of Solution Focus, spreading the good news, and valuing differences in doing SF. Challenge yourself with the challenge of the week: „Choose one or two clients or conversational partners and simply have a conversation about your conversation. And see what similarities and differences come out of the understanding of what took place."

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