SFP 79 – Flow: Where Solution Focus Meets Improv With Paul Z Jackson


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Paul Z Jackson about improv and Solution Focus. In today’s episode, we talk with Paul Z Jackson, Solution-Focused practitioner, author, improviser, co-founder of the Bristol group, SOLWorld and the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN), about the fit between improvisation and Solution Focus. Find out what fascinates him about Solution Focus (SF), how he got into Solution Focus, and how Solution Focus is very well aligned with improvisation. Learn more about what fascinates him with bringing together SF and improv, the improvisation space in Solution Focus, and how knowing improv in SF and knowing SF in improv could be beneficial. Check out how they train SF practitioners with improvisation and invite their participants to improvise and the „Yes, and…“-mentality in SF and improv. Paul talks about how we learn from what works and the misconception that we mostly learn from our mistakes, the differences between an interactional - co-created emergent - and an individualistic world, and how we support our SF conversation partners to improvise in their life. Hear more about how Paul integrated Solution Focus in his life, his applied improvisation course at a University in Austria, and how SF could be used for a better world and society. And check out the challenge of the week: „Notice how you are responding in the moment to something that is important to you, something you care about, something that you are working on and allow yourself to see possibilities. Allow yourself that moment to see what other ways there might be of doing it. And try it out and see what works."

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