SFP 81 – Useful Solution-Focused Habits and Tools: Refocusing in Everyday Life with Julia Kalenberg


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Julia Kalenberg on daily SF habits. In today’s episode, we talk with Julia Kalenberg, a Solution-Focused Practitioner and expert in applying Solution Focus to yourself, about useful habits and tools to refocus in everyday life. Check out what fascinates her with Solution Focus and how she constantly strives to focus in her life. Learn more about her solution-focused tools that she applies for herself on a daily base, e.g. her little preferred future or the I-O principle, and the differences that makes for her and people around her. Find out how she applies tools for herself very consequently to create useful habits, her fascination of working with leaders of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and how she invites other people to use SF ideas for themselves, e.g. with the personal flourishing instruction, the smiley stones, resource gossip, the diary of solutions, the bean experiment and more. Listen to the ripple effects leaders create with the tools she lets them experience, her „fulfilled life“-project and the story of Aschi, as well as how she uses SF in her community, e.g. at the 10 years anniversary of the local store in Zimmerwald. She shares what is important to her in her work and how showing vulnerability is important for her. And check out the challenge of the week: „Ask yourself everyday the I-O questions: "What have I done that I am really happy with? Tap on your own shoulder. "What has another person done that made a difference in your life? And have you also told them?"

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