SFP 82 – SOS: Using Solution Focus Everywhere with Jesper H. Christiansen


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Jesper H. Christiansen about Solution Focus everwhere. In today’s episode, we talk with Jesper H. Christiansen, Chaos-Pilot, Solution Surfer, Solution-Focused Facilitator, about what fascinates him with Solution Focus, where and how he uses Solution Focus in problem-oriented training settings, his program „Rethink your Business“ that he does with Edgeware, and the balance of non-profit and profit projects. Learn more about how he supports clients in their success and makes his contribution visible, SOS – the shiny object syndrome or how he applies Solution Focus everywhere, partnership for performance, making a different kind of conversation – his SF way of doing performance conversations, and the story of how he started doing SF writing master classes. Check out the SolutionSurfer’s class reunion and other ways of exploring the preferred future,examples of preferred future conversations under given circumstances, and how they apply SF in their family life and their marriage. And try out the challenge of the week: Challenge yourself to come up with ideas of how SF could be used and how it could look like in situations where SF doesn’t seem to fit.“

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