SFP 83 – A Passion for Empowerment: Giving Young People a Voice with Solution Focus with Tara Gretton


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Tara Gretton about empowering young people. In today’s episode, we talk with Tara Gretton, Solution-Focused Practitioner, Solution-Focused Trainer, and Social Worker, about giving young people a voice. Find out what fascinates her with Solution Focus, what her best hopes from working with young people are, and how she introduces the solution-focused language in schools with her group work, e.g. doing solution-focused DJ and drama workshops. Check out what they do in their SF DJ workshops and how she uses strengths cards to support young people to see what they have coped and managed before. Learn more about the importance of giving space and really listening to young people, how she brought in young people into the workshop at the UKASFP conference, the differences the DJ workshops make, and what the teachers notice. Find out how offering an SF conversation early with young people could make a huge difference to mental health issues. Tara tells us about her mission to see Solution Focus in every school in her local area and how she focuses on the SF assumptions in training SF. Get to know how drama and Solution Focus inspire each other and the privilege to invite children to see them in all their glory. And enjoy the challenge of the week: „Think about something in your life that has worked well, that has helped you. While doing that close your eyes, consciously breath and just think about that thing, whatever it is, that helped you in that moment."

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