3 STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE YOUR PARENTING | The Guide to Discover Your Kid’s Enneagram Type


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I am SO excited to share an incredibly simple way to discover your kid’s Enneagram Type with you today.

It’s a strategy that will empower your connection with your kids, including tips such as

... how to search out the natural personality bent of your child.

….the steps of determining their preferred communication

…. and then ideas to mindfully adjust your approach to training, discipleship, and connection.

And not just that but a Typing strategy that doesn’t require: you to put your kids in a box, have them take an online test, or for you to ask questions they would have no idea how to answer.

Are you dying of curiosity?
This episode contains, hands down, the fastest, most straightforward Typing strategy there is. It’s all about helping you uncover the difference, or the similarities will help you stop the emotional knee-jerk reaction and find yourself enjoying your motherhood a little bit more.

Grab your notebook, put some headphones on, and dig in!
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