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Does your inner critic feel more like a committee of voices?
Do you happen to be hyper-aware of your surroundings and an uncanny ability to know what to do when things fall apart?

If so, you’ll appreciate today’s conversation as my guest, Rachel Vauthier, shares about motherhood from the perspective of a Type Six.
In this episode, Rachel is going to share her mistyping Typing journey and how the Enneagram is helping her navigate raising littles and reminds her she has so much to offer the world around her.

We also end up diving deep into the struggle for a Six when it comes to battling the “what if” thinking, especially when this plays out in her fears for children and even marriage. Rachel also shares what it looks like to make better and more confident decisions as a Type Six. We also dive into the concept of being aware and being prepared-it’s a brilliant perspective that you’ll want to hear. Don’t miss this part of this conversation.

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