Episode 10- "Un-Talked About Parenting"


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Sunday’s episode of MOMish we will recap our fav episodes and moments from Season 1 Then we will talk about those “unknown/not talked about parent issues” Like Holiday schedules—- how do you split up your holiday schedules because I know it’s A LOT with us we literally do both sides of families EVERY MAJOR HOLIDAY and it’s tiresome is there like a unwritten rule of how to equally celebrate with the kids and families lol Birthday Party Etiquette—- we all know birthday parties are a sensitive subject these days lol They’re huge! People are like spending so much money and so creative with it all but let’s talk what are the gift etiquette? When planning what are the planner etiquette for guests such as food and etc Restaurant and public places with kids—— LIKE HOW ARE YALL DOING IT—- because I obviously need to take a class on it because it’s not enjoyable all the time for me lol

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