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Hello and welcome to episode 33 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

I have a special guest for you today. Andrea Hendron is a Life coach, Mindfullness Practioner, Reiki Master, and the Creator of Andrea's Soul Chats. My plan was to do a solo episode talking about future visioning and creating vision boards and as I was preparing I began thinking about my friend Andrea. She took the idea of vision boards and expanded on it to develop intuitive Oracle Board coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. Her approach goes deeper than mine ever will so I knew that I had to invite her on the show to share her experience in this area.

For those who may not know what on earth I am talking about, a vision board is a collage of images, and sometimes quotes or affirmations that represent your future dreams or goals. It became all the rage after the documentary and book The Secret. I did one back then and filled it with everything that I thought I wanted, but no real soul searching was done to figure out if I really wanted those things and I didn’t really know how to set achievable goals to get the things I thought I wanted so my life today is nothing like I pictured and I am thankful. Lol

I’ve come a long way and learned a lot about future visioning and goal setting so I created a vision board last year full of what I actually want and I have goals and action plans in place to achieve it all. One year later, it is still my future vision and I have accomplished many goals that I’m working towards the life I want. Anyways, let’s hear from Andrea and at the end she offers us a beautiful guided meditation. I hope you enjoy it.

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