Kelly Fraser, Juno Nominated Canadian Inuk Singer


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My guest today is Juno nominated Canadian Inuk singer-songwriter Kelly Fraser. Originally, from Nunavut, she has attracted a large fan base with her blend of traditional Inuit music and modern pop EDM and hip hop.

We had a fascinating conversation about what it was like growing up in Nunavut where her parents suffered from the colonization of their land. They were forced into residential schools where her mother was abused from 5 years old. The cultural genocide resulted in a lot of trauma for her community and her own father committed suicide when Kelly was only 16 years old.

Through her music and advocacy, Kelly is on a mission to educate Canada and the world on the realities of what happened and what is still happening in her community today.

She shares the Legend of Sedna the Sea Goddess, who was the inspiration for her second album Sedna and tells us about some of the songs on Kelly’s new album called De-colonize. The first single “Rebound Girl” is out next week and the video April 15th.

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