Single Malt Strategy 56: Too Much Time To Game


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In this episode Jean (Strategy WarGamer), Matt (The Historical Gamer), and Eric (Tortuga Power) catch up on the games they’ve been playing during this long pandemic. The episode covers a wealth of game from Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor, Carrier Battles (Desktop Version), Shadow Empire, Armored Commander II to the latest shocking announcement from Microprose regarding a B17 The Mighty Eighth sequel. The episode ends with the gang discussing the future of gaming and if & how Virtual Reality is a part of it. Here are the links for games discussed: Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor: K Project: Carrier Battles: Shadow Empire: Rising lor: Total WarHammer 2: Armoured Commander 2: Buy Bombergeddon: The Mighty Eighth: HOI4 End of a New Beginning MOD: YouTube The Strategy WarGamer -> TortugaPower -> The Historical Gamer -> Twitter The Strategy Wargamer -> @strategywargamr TortugaPower -> @TortugaPowerYT The Historical Gamer -> @historicalgamer

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