Project Power! - plus Apocalypse '45, Work It, Sputnik, The Tax Collector and the Harley Quinn Animated Series


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The summer doesn't want to stop and neither do we. We begin with the new Netflix sci-fi/superhero movie "Project Power which stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback. It's about a pill being sold on the street which could give you a superpower or just plain kill you. Then we've got the WWII documentary "Apocalypse '45" featuring never before seen footage of US forces battling the Japanese in the closing days of the war. Bill McCuddy tells us about the Russian creature movie "Sputnik" as well as "The Tax Collector" which is about gangs. Bill Bregoli has the 'tween dance movie "Work It" as well as the "Harley Quinn" animated series now on HBO Max. Oh, and Neil wants you to check out the "Talking Pictures with Neil Rosen" best-of show so much that we're even giving you a link - So put THAT in your browser!

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