"The Secret Garden," An American Pickle, "Made in Italy," "The Rental," "Paydirt" and More!


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It's too hot to do anything but sit inside and watch a movie. And this week we're covering all sorts of movies for you. We start with "The Secret Garden" which stars Colin Firth and a young spitfire named Dixie Egerickx. It's the classic story of an orphaned girl who discovers a magical garden hidden at her strict uncle's estate. It's been made into a movie before, but how's this one? Then we have "Made in Italy," which stars Liam Neeson and his real-life son Michael Richardson. It's got beautiful Italian scenery, but is it worth a watch? Then Neil tells us about "An American Pickle" which stars Seth Rogen as an immigrant who is preserved for 100 years in pickle brine. Really. Bill McCuddy tells us about "Paydirt," which stars Val Kilmer, someone we haven't seen much of recently. He also tells us what he thought of "The Rental" which is directed by Dave Franco. Plus Bill Bregoli tells us about the HBO documentary "The Weight of Gold" which is about the mental challenges faced by Olympic athletes. So before you watch anything give us a listen.

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