We're "Unhinged," plus "The One and Only Ivan," "The Burnt Orange Heresy" and More!


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There's a movie in theaters! OK, it's taken a while but "Unhinged" is the first movie now playing on a big screen near you. Well maybe. It stars Russell Crowe. It's about a woman (Caren Pistorius) who has confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection (Crowe of course) and becomes the target of his rage. Neil Rosen tells us about it. Is it worth putting your own life on the line to go to a theater and see it? We'll let you know. Bill Bregoli tells us about "The One and Only Ivan" which is a live action / CGI film about a gorilla living in a shopping mall with unseen talents. It's from Disney and it's based on an award-winning book. Bill McCuddy tells us about "The Burnt Orange Heresy" which takes place in the art world and stars Elizabeth Debicki, Donald Sutherland and Mick Jagger. Yes, THAT Mick Jagger. He also tells us about the Netflix crime series "Giri/Haji" which stars Kelly Macdonald. We've got quite the variety for you this week so listen in!

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