Interview with Dr. Dora Gray, Author and Life Coach


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In this episode of my Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, I am joined by Dr. Dora Gray, an author and former New York City elementary/middle school teacher with a passion for the arts. Along with teaching academics and music appreciation for grades K – 8 in both the public and private sectors, she was charged with initiating and conducting an after- school violin program. Dora holds the conviction that music education is essential to enhance the academic ability of children. During the interview, Dora will discuss her newly released book, “A Stringy Situation”, a fantasy tale where the main characters being string instruments come to life. This book will pull at your heartstrings and take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with the characters. I enjoyed reading this book not once but twice and recommend it for young and adult readers alike.

In addition, Dora will discuss her work as a Life Coach and her strong belief in taking control of your health. Dora will also share how she successfully reversed diabetes naturally. Dora and her husband Baba Wesley live in Brooklyn where both are Interfaith Ministers and practitioners of holistic healing arts. This is a very informative and inspiring interview.

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