Interview with Jacque Peppel, Health and Wellness Coach


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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, I’m joined by Jacque Peppel, a native Floridian, born in Tampa, Florida, a month before Pearl Harbor. Jacque’s passion is helping people to achieve abundant health. She is trained as a Health and Wellness Coach, a Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor.

Most of Jacque’s life she suffered from respiratory and digestive disorders. Fifteen years ago, she came down with an autoimmune disease which attacked her bones and muscles. Her pain and suffering was so bad, she had to take sleeping pills to counter the effects of the other pills the doctors prescribed, which kept her awake. During the interview, Jacque will share what steps she took to heal her body naturally of the disease. Jacque is now in her 70s and proudly boasts about not being on any medications. Jacque’s story is one of faith, inspiration and healthy living. She is very involved with her church and credit’s her faith in God for bringing her this far.

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