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Frank King is always on the verge of commiting suicide. It is a feeling that has plagued him since he was young, passed down from previous generations. When faced with a problem, Frank always sees an option a lot of people do not see, killing himself.

Where most would see this as a detriment, Frank has turned suicide into a lucrative career as a comedian, public speaker and TED Talker. As The Mental Health Comedian, Frank confronts the standard taboos associated with suicide and speaks openly about it, letting people know that these feelings are not just theirs and creating a dialog that allows people to get the help that they need.

On a personal note, this episode could not have come at a better time. Though you may not hear it in my voice, I was desperately struggling with these feelings myself, and it was because of this discussion that I was able to get help for myself. Frank, in his talking about ending one’s own life, actually helped me overcome those feelings in myself.

Of course I need to put out a warning, this episode dives pretty deeply into depression, mental illness and, of course, suicide. My suggestion, don’t be afraid to confront it. Knowing that there are others that struggle helps. Knowing that you can use it as a super power is incredibly empowering.

If you are feeling those feelings, then please do the world a favor and call 800 273 8255. You are worthwhile and the world is a better place with you. I think so, you listen to my show and I think you are incredibly special. Thank you.

You can hear and see more of Frank on his website: where you can listen to his TED talks, subscribe to his podcast and even hire him to come and do a keynote for your company.

This was one of my favorite episodes, it literally saved my life.

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