Musicbook | "Frameworks" - The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps (2002), with Richard Saucedo (Brass Composer & Arranger)


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In the fall of 2001, The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps had just won their second consecutive world championship and 4th to date with their show, ‘Four Corners.’ After winning in 2000 with their show “Niagara Falls” which included music from and inspired by the piece of the same name by composer Michael Daugherty, the Cavies turned to original music from their composer & arranger, Richard Saucedo for their 2001 championship show.

When it came time to design their 2002 show and chase after the hallowed “three-peat,’ a feat that had only been accomplished by the Garfield Cadets in 1983, 1984, & 1985, The Cavaliers of Rosemount, IL once again turned to original music. While "Niagara Falls" had existing source material to build and work with, and "Four Corners" seemed to have some subtle and not-so-subtle musical influences, "Frameworks," the 2002 production, seemed to be all from the mind of Richard Saucedo. Well… except for two very obvious rhythmic influences!

The 2002 DCI season ended with a record high score of 99.15 with The Cavaliers going undefeated for the season and winning their third DCI title in a row, and fifth overall.

Joining me today is world-renowned and award-winning composer & arranger Richard Saucedo. Who not only won 5 DCI world championships with The Cavaliers, but won three straight titles out of the gate, and never placed lower than 3rd during his tenure with the Cavies.

On the first episode of Musicbook we discuss The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps 2002 production, “Frameworks: The Elements of Music & Design"

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