Building the Workforce Feat. Steve Turner with Bring Back The Trades!


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In this episode, Steve introduces us to his wife Shari and his dog Hoka.
Steve shares his IKIGAI with Big Al, Jess and Hoots in this latest episode of Building the Workforce! A couple of Steve's passions include:

  • Giving away $1,000.00 scholarships each month for 9 months per year! Total of +$27,000 has been given away to date!
  • Participating in the Moab, UT endurance run of 240.3 miles in less than 5 days!
  • Potential Collaboration with STA Constructionism x Bring Back the Trades gear!

Join us for this amazing conversation on how change is taking place and how Bring Back The Trades is helping to equip the next generation of skilled trade workers!

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