Gardening at Schools for Wellbeing INTERVIEW #7


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That episode where.. I speak to Jayne Hickling of Allotment Cooks on gardening at school for wellbeing.

Allotment Cooks was developed with the concept of own growers being able to share their own tried and tasted recipes for their own produce in the kitchen. With the large and growing community, and are lucky to be able to present a wealth of knowledge and experience. This wonderful community of Allotment Cooks also relates to a depth of knowledge for the growing of produce, with the specific aim of using own grown food in the kitchen. Most of this also enables the use of fresh and seasonal produce, as well as the all important "how to" preserve, use and store own grown produce for out of season use. All of the Allotment Cooks recipes have been contributed by the wonderful global community, who have tried, tasted, sourced and adapted recipes to make them their own. These recipes are special, yet designed for the everyday and easy to create. Happy Growing and Cooking .

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