Full Show (AB and Raiders, Luck concerns, Baker Mayfield, Barkley's prediction, Jadeveon Clowney)


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- Will Antonio Brown help or hurt the Raiders this season? (00:14)

- How concerned should the Colts be about Andrew Luck? (24:11)

- Is Baker Mayfield hyping up the Browns too much? (34:53)

- Agree to disagree with Charles Barkley's 76ers prediction? (48:33)

- Are the Cowboys and Jerry Jones starting to panic? (58:57)

- Is Antonio Brown worth it for the Raiders in the long run? (1:10:50)

- What's going on with Andrew Luck and the Colts? (1:25:47)

- Can Jerry Jones get a deal done with Dak Prescott? (1:36:02)

- Is Jadeveon Clowney on the way out of Houston? (1:37:19)

- What's the next step for Rob Gronkowski? (1:52:54)

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